Enjoy a glass of champagne and canapés in a flower shop

Lovely shops welcome you in the middle of flowers and design compositions.


Offer an evening surrounded by flowers. This first touch of poetry is nothing compared to what awaits you inside the shop. Beyond the delicacy of roses, it’s the freshness of Persian fritillaria during Spring or hellebores in winter, that await you in their large vases, appointed by talented artists.

The display is transformed with the seasons and is itself inspired by the colors of nature. Here, seasonal flowers are produced as locally as possible.

It is in this setting of poetry, softness and scents that we invite you to come and enjoy a glass of champagne with a couple of appetizers from a famous caterer. You will be comfortably settled in the heart of this silent symphony of colors and smells.

This private evening in this shop is for 2 people. (Feel free to contact us for for people).

Price and general information available here !

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